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Erica Puckett shares her creative visions through the stroke of her paintbrush with E. Puckett Art. As an artist, she aspires to challenge social norms with bold, vibrant, and thought provoking pieces that explore ideas of self liberation, women empowerment and defining standards of beauty.

Erica attributes her love for the arts largely to her Mother, who found ways to make supporting the arts a treasured pastime for  Erica and her younger brother, while living in Minnesota, California and Texas. In addition to creating, she also enjoys  learning about different cultures while traveling the world.

Erica calls the Third Ward of Houston, Texas home, and holds a B.A. in History and African & African Diaspora Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. While focusing on her continued growth as an artist, Erica is also currently completing her Juris Doctorate at Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey.


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